We all want to create the best possible atmosphere at home, so we carefully choose furnishings and decorations that would please our eyes and make us feel good. But in doing so, most of us do not go beyond choosing a comfortable sofa and some nice decor items. However, there is much more than those obvious things when it comes to creating a harmonious living space. So, let’s talk about window Feng Shui and how you should use its techniques to make your home a better place.

Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”. The science behind it is to create a flow of positive energy, as well as to maintain your own positive energy. This positive energy is called Chi.

According to Feng Shui, every object in our living space has an impact on us – either positive or negative. Our task is to modify this space to create a constant flow of positive energy. In Feng Shui everything matters – colors, shapes, position and size of objects. An incorrectly placed object or a mismatched color may create negative energy that will disturb the harmony of your home.

Windows are considered “the eyes” of the house and in relation to your life they indicate your ability to see clearly the direction of your life. Thus, if you want to apply some Feng Shui principles to your living space, starting with your windows is a good idea.

Windows of the right size

Feng shui-friendly windows should be big enough to let in a lot of sunlight, but at the same time they shouldn’t be from ceiling to floor, as your own Chi will escape through the windows at the floor level. Moreover, such windows do not offer enough protection from negative energy coming from outside. People living in apartments with windows from ceiling to floor, very often feel exhausted without having a clue to the reason of it. Such windows are especially disturbing for young children making them hyperactive and very uncomfortable. If you happen to live in such an apartment, the following recommendations will help you protect your positive energy from slipping out through your windows.

To make your windows appear smaller, you can create “a wall” at the bottom using paper, fabric or any other material that would serve this purpose. Additionally, placing a heavy object, for example, a big plant pot, will create a barrier for your Chi, thus it will not escape as easily.

Following some of the principles of Feng Shui is much easier when they are applied while the house is being built, but you can still transform your home into a positively energized place by applying some other principles that are quite easy to follow even if your house is older than you. Just follow our recommendations and you will instantly feel the difference.

Keep them clean

Having windows of the right size is not enough for the positive energy to flow freely inside your home. Keeping the windows clean is another important requirement for good Feng Shui. Unclear and dusty windows are related to uncertainty in life. If cleaning them seems like a chore to you, then you may consider choosing windows with self-cleaning glass.


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