Northview Windows & Doors is “WHERE QUALITY MATTERS”, this motto highlights our company’s strong emphasis on sourcing the highest quality materials. Our products are unique and ahead of the market, we work to continuously create distinctive designs for affordable prices. Our customers receive stunning commercial construction doors and windows with the latest cuts and in any style they want without having to worry about prices or quality materials.

Northview continues to place a strong commitment on ensuring customer satisfaction and with the expertise of our staff we have left thousands of customers across the country satisfied with their commercial constructions.

If you are in need of assistance we would gladly answer any of your questions and concerns.

Curtain Walls

Available in several finishes and styles, this system offers many contemporary looks perfect for your needs.

Incorporating a sliding window into your home offers an intimate connection with nature and the outdoors. With beautiful sunlight, and a gorgeous view, a sliding window can generate the feeling of extra space and freedom within your space.

Sliding Glass Wall

Folding Systems

People are continuously looking for ways to maximize their space, as well visually as physically. The Concept Folding® 77 offers them the opportunity to optimize the utilization of their rooms, drawing the external environment into their homes.

Our innovative CS-77 line offers a maximised window and door system that surpasses all expectations regarding stability, security, and thermal insulation. Its high technical performance features top-tier Uf values down to 1.2 W/m²K, which help ensure its long-term stability against weather and other climate problems.

Swinging Door

Interior Bi-Folding Systems

Introducing bi-folding interior doors – a new versatile product which has been developed to help you effectively divide your house interior without compromising on space.