Interior & Exterior Become One

Incorporating a sliding window into your home offers an intimate connection with nature and the outdoors. With beautiful sunlight, and a gorgeous view, a sliding window can generate the feeling of extra space and freedom within your space.

Features / Highlight

Mono, 2, 3 & Multi Rail Configurations
Lift & Slide Technology
Flat & Zero (Flush) Thresholds
90 Degree Corner Profiles
Pocket Solution
High Design – Slimline Sliding Door

LIFT & SLIDE SYSTEM. A lift & slide system elevates the door panels before gliding them across the track, utilizing durable wheels and stainless steel rails for optimal opening comfort. When closed, the door leafs are anchored for maximum insulation, air & water tightness with a hermetical seal. This methodology eliminates brushes and other moving parts for worry-free maintenance.


CORNER PROFILE. Open your space up to a full spectrum of un-interrupted panoramic views with an optional corner profile that transforms a lift & slide door into a post-less 90 degree opening solution.

POCKET SOLUTION. A solution without borders, allows up to eight vents to slide within a wall. Fully open up a room to the adjacent space beyond the door without
any visible elements or obstructions. Achieve superior aesthetics by matching the color of the finishing profile to the supporting wall.



ZERO LEVEL (FLUSH) THRESHOLD. A seamless transition from interior to exterior with zero grade change. The drainage channel is located beneath the floor and the exterior drain tile for water infiltration. It available for 2, 3 and multi-rail doors.

FLAT THRESHOLD. A slim profile with a sleek design optimal for any space and ideal for renovation projects; available for Two (2) rail doors only.


CP 130-LS is a refined lift-slide sliding doors system that is ideal for smaller patio doors up to 8’ – 10” tall.


CP 155-LS has a robust functional profile yielding very large door leafs up to 882 Ibs.

CP 155 Slide And CP 155 Lift & Slide 

Created with durable wheels and stainless-steel rails, all sliding windows in our CP 155 line offer optimal opening comfort with no additional hassles. Both systems are tailored to be highly waterproof and wind resistant. Alternatively, our lift and slide system offer users a smooth operation when opening and closing the window. It is further supported with anti-theft and insulation technology that secures your product when in the closed position. 

Monorail, Duo Rail, 3-Rail Or Multi-Rail

A monorail supports the moving element by anchoring itself directly to the outer frame of the glass plane. Its minimalistic look provides convenience when deciding where the sliding panel should be positioned (either outside or inside). Outdoor fixed structures provide convenience for those installing large glass panes at an elevated height or during constructions that do not allow for inside glazing. 

A duo rail integrates 2 glazed opening vents, which have an identical look resulting in an aesthetic sliding window. Both these vents can be made as sliding element, giving all flexibility to the users.

A duo rail provides flexibility for users by integrating 2 mobile opening vents. These glazed panels can be adjusted to move from all directions and in sliding form, providing a uniform look in its construction. 

A 3-rail integrates an extra rail in the outer frame allowing a third opening vent to be installed. This solution allows the user to open-up 2 sliding windows, creating an opening which is double in size.

A 3-rail incorporates an additional third opening vent to be installed. This extra rail is attached to the outer frame and provides an opening double in size. Users are able to open up 2 sliding windows, doubling the amount of sunlight and fresh air able to pass through. 

Even more flexibility is obtained with the unique principle of a multi-rail, available in the lift & slide variant. This multi-rail solution allows an expansion of elements up to eight rails, facilitating creative designs with very large openings.

For those seeking even more flexibility, a multi-rail system incorporates an expansion of up to eight rails in its construction. This unique design allows users to have access to very large openings with potential for custom design. This product is also available in a lift and slide variant as well. 

Low Threshold – Zero Threshold 

Our low and zero threshold solution literally lower the boundaries between inside and outside. A flush threshold gives a very aesthetically pleasing result when the doors are open, as there are no borders to be seen. As an added bonus, this solution significantly improves the accessibility to your building for everyone, especially for people with reduced mobility. For this solution the bottom profiles are hidden in the floor, and still provide sufficient drainage to prevent water from entering your home

Corner solutions are the solution for opening up spaces without fixed former elements. In coherence with our low and threshold design, the CP 155-Ls series is perfect for those in need of a borderless style using large glass surfaces with high insulation values. Invite nature back into your home by incorporating this seamless system into your lifestyle.

The Pocket Option

A pocket solution is perfect for those looking for a large, open concept with a flawless design. Vents in this system feature a complete flushed look when fully opened and closed, offering users maximal open space without the bulk of visible elements peaking through. The pocket solution also offers a wide array of options for list and slide systems, such as a duo rail, 3-rail, or multi-rail (up to 8-vents) composition.

CP 155-LS Corner

Corner solutions are the solution for opening up spaces without fixed former elements. In coherence with our low and threshold design, the CP 155-Ls series is perfect for those in need of a borderless style using large glass surfaces with high insulation values. Invite nature back into your home by incorporating this seamless system into your lifestyle.

Technical Characteristics

CP 155-LS/HI 3-rail

CP 155-LS/HI Low Threshold

CP 155-LS Zero Threshold


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