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Window Collection

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Awning Windows

Awning windows are casements that are hinged on top and they open outward from the bottom preventing water get into the house when it is raining and letting fresh air in.

Casement Windows

Casement windows, being the top selection product in the line of our vinyl windows in Toronto and Calgary, attract homeowners due to their traditional, timeless design and easiness of operation.

Double Hung Windows

Our creative team of engineers has created this popular window design to satisfy your ventilation needs as well as your taste and style. Double Hung Tilt windows create a sophisticated look in your home while providing practical functionality.

Single Hung Windows

These windows offer a pleasing appearance as well as functionality and are especially appropriate for multi-room homes or residential buildings. Single Hung Tilt windows contain a structural frame and a sash which provides architectural reliability as well as an elegant appearance.

Bay and Bow windows

When you need to visually expand the space of your room you should consider Bay and Bow windows which will create such an illusion. The projected bay or bow window curve will give you a wider angle view of the outside, something which a regular window cannot do.

End Vent Slider Windows

End Vent Slider is an often selected option when a sliding window is preferred but the opening is wider than 72″. It is also the window of choice in new construction when the builder wants to achieve the look of casement window combination at a more economical price.

Fixed over Slider Windows

Special Shapes Windows

Northview Windows’ custom-shaped products allow you to truly create a custom design; molding your windows to meet your home’s needs and personal preferences.

Internal Blinds

Northview’s most recent innovative product – internal blinds – has been brought to the market to make homeowners’ lives much easier. Internal blinds by Northview offer convenience and ease of operation, eye-pleasing aesthetics, safety and comfort.

Fix Casements And Picture Windows

Double Slider Windows

This window style is the most popular choice of homeowners thanks to its simple design and the ability to adapt to any architectural scenario. Double Slider Tilt windows are easily installed and are able to provide maximum airflow into large areas of your home.

Single Slider Windows

The classic design of these windows is well known for its aesthetic look and practical properties. Single Tilt Slider windows are designed for the side of your house or for smaller areas in your home.


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