Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

Windows play an important role in exterior and interior design of your home, its energy efficiency and overall comfort. But how will you know it is time to install new ones? Well, there are several key aspects to look at in order to decide whether your house needs a window replacement.

  • If the operation of your current windows is complicated, they often get stuck, do not lock properly and their opening or closing poses a challenge, then it is time to replace them to ensure they are no more window safety concerns!
  • If your windows allow rain to get into your house it often causes mold build up which creates a health risk for your family. In case of air leakage your energy bills will be too high due to excessive heating and cooling. So, if the weather elements often show up on the inside of your house, do not wait too much longer – it is a good indicator that you need new energy efficient windows.
  • If you reside in an area where street noise is a concern then you should think about getting new windows which will be effective in outside noise reduction.
  • If your windows do not have UV protective coatings, then your draperies, carpets, furniture and other household items may be fading from ultraviolet rays penetrating the room through window glass. Changing windows to energy efficient ones is a smart choice which will help you keep your belongings protected from harmful UV ray influence.
  • If cleaning your old windows is a struggle then why not benefit from our advanced technology? We offer windows that are engineered with a convenient cleaning solution in mind. Their sashes tilt in for easy cleaning which saves you lots of time. Besides that we also offer windows with revolutionary Active™ Self-cleaning-glass as well as Pilkinton’s Energy Advantage™ Low-E Glass.
  • When your old windows simply do not look as attractive as you would want them to, start rotting and become worn-out, it definitely spoils the overall appearance of your house. Installing new windows can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your place.

If you decide to shop for new windows in Toronto, you may really get lost in a large market of companies offering such service. When investing into replacement of windows it is important to know what quality product and service you are going to pay for.
In the past several years Northview has established itself as one of the most reputable window manufacturers supplying homeowners with beautiful and reliable custom windows that are made from high quality un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) compound using the most advanced German technology.

Northview’s window products:

  • Will save you time on maintenance as they will not rot, warp, peel, blister or require any painting.
  • Will save you money on heating and cooling costs since they are energy efficient due to double pane insulated glass units with Low-E and Argon, Super Spacer® technology, multiple air chamber profiles, multiple weatherstrippings, fusion welded frames and sashes.
  • Will improve the acoustic performance and help you considerably reduce the levels of outside noise brining more peace and quiet to your home.
  • Will improve your home security as we equip our windows with multi-point locks
  • Will enhance and compliment the look of your home increasing its value at the same time.

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