Which material is best for bifold doors?

Bifold doors are an extremely popular choice for patio and garden doors as they are functional as well as visually stunning. We are often asked which material is best for bifold doors; uPVC or aluminum? We offer both top-quality aluminum and uPVC bi-fold doors which both offer a wide range of benefits for your home. Bifold doors are a stunning way to maximize natural light in your home. They provide a seamless way to move between your home and outdoor space. With its unique way of stacking, your door will not take up any of your valuable space anymore.


uPVC is an extremely popular material for bifold doors due to its versatility. It is an effective insulator that keeps your heat in and the cold out. It can easily complement any style of home; traditional or modern. Easy to clean, uPVC requires next to no maintenance to keep it looking good all year round. Its durability and wide variety of colors and wood effect finishes will allow your doors to brighten up your home.

Our uPVC bi-fold doors have panes that fold back to create a wide-open space between your home and garden. This can come in handy for garden parties or when moving furniture outside. With up to seven panes, you can create a gorgeous, fully glazed wall. With effective weatherproof seals and the latest locks, these doors will keep your home comfortable and secure. Our doors are stylish but never compromise on security and efficiency.


Aluminum is an extremely strong material which makes it ideal for a safe and secure bifold door. Due to its strength, aluminum allows for slimmer frames and sightlines compared to other materials. This means that you will be able to get lots of light in whilst achieving that modern minimalist look. They have a striking style that will impress guests every time they move around your home. When open, you have an open-plan feel where your garden becomes part of your home. Garden living and parties will become so much easier thanks to bi-fold doors.

Our aluminum bifold doors are individually customized to ensure a precise fit for your home. Draught and weatherproof, they are suitable for even the harshest of environments including coastal areas. They will not rust or corrode and have that stunning modern look that suits so many homes. In an almost limitless range of RAL colors, you can create any style you desire for your home.