Orleans – Steel Door

A striking entrance. The Orleans door creates a sleek, elegant entrance that stands out.

Multilock hardware

lock handles Emtek stainless steel





Key Activated Multilock

Handle Activated Multilock

Techincal Drawing/Door Dimensions


– This model is available in STEEL build only;
– Standard threshold and hinges comes in satin nickel finish;
– Maintenance Free PVC wrapped door frame included;
– PVC wrapped Exterior Brickmould included;
– Touch-up paint included;
– No door hardware included;

Standard dimensions

Available standard dimensions: 31 ¾”, 33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 79”, 31 ¾”, 33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 84”, 31 ¾”, 33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 95”

Custom dimensions available and side also available.

Maximum non-standard dimensions for custom order : 31 3/4″ to 35 3/4″ x 72″ to 84″


30% more steel: 0.028-inch thickness

Energy efficient and Energy Star© certified.
Non-prorated 10 years guarantee on finish and manufacturing defects.
HCFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, in harmony with the environment.

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