Exterior Bi-fold Doors

The 7 Benefits of Bifold Doors for Your Property

Bifold doors are becoming one of the most popular door choices for homes and are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do they add a touch of luxury and style, but they are also incredibly practical – bringing convenience and functionality to your home.

1. Bifold Doors Maximize the Natural Light in Your Property

One of the most noticeable benefits of bifold doors is how much extra light they allow into your home. Bifold doors, due to their ceiling-to-floor design, maximize the amount of natural light in your home, whether they are fully opened or closed.

If you have noticed your home seems unnecessarily dark, even when it’s rather sunny outside, it’s likely your windows aren’t letting in enough light. By installing bifold doors, you will see natural light flood into your home, turning a normally dark space into a light and area room you would like to spend more time in.

2. Bifold Doors are Low Maintenance  

For those of you who dislike cleaning windows again, and again, and again… bifold doors are a great solution – they are so easy to maintain! Although bifold doors do require cleaning, they are easier to clean as they don’t have multiple panes or frames like other windows. It couldn’t be easier to maintain bifold doors!

3. Bifold Doors are Compact

If you do not have a lot of space to play with on your property, bifold doors may be the ideal solution for you. Unlike sliding patio doors, when bifold doors are folded back, they take up very little room. This is because bifold doors fold back on themselves – allowing you the benefit of opening up your wall completely – the perfect compact door solution for those smaller spaces.

4. Bifold Doors Offer Enhanced Door Security

One of the reasons many people shy away from installing bifold doors is, security. When it comes to bifold doors, the assumption is that they are less secure than a sash window or a solid door. However, this is not the case. Bifold doors offer a significant level of security to home owners. With a locking system spread over multiple points of the sliding track, double glazing, and high-security tracks, bifold doors keep your house safe during the day and the night.

5. Bifold Doors Are Energy Efficient

Another significant benefit of bifold doors is that they are incredibly energy efficient. Unlike many other sliding door designs, bifold doors are specifically designed and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. This means that their design and double or triple glazing is designed to keep heat in your home for longer, reducing your energy bill and saving you money. What could be better?

6. Bifold Doors Keep You Closer to Nature

Bifold doors are a great way of bringing the outside in, allowing you easy access to your garden and a seamless transition between the inside of your home and the outdoors. And even when the weather’s bad, you can still enjoy your outdoor space from the comfort of inside your home.
Installing bifold doors is one of the most effective ways of bringing the outdoors in and opening up your space. And trust me when I say, bifold doors allow for a great garden party – letting guests transition between the snack table indoors and the BBQ in the sunshine.

7. Bifold Doors are Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are keen to add that sense of style to your property, installing bifold doors is the way to go. Not only do bifold doors have all the benefits mentioned above (and more), but they also give your home a modern and luxury feel. There is no denying that they elegant design of our bifold doors and the seamless opening action, provide you with a door superior to those of your neighbours.

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