Door Hardwaremultilock

We carry door hardware which will satisfy the most refined homeowner’s taste. Whether you need a simple deadbolt or a sophisticated hi-tech multi-point lock – we have it all.


We offer single and double cylinder deadbolts by Karcher and Dorex, an electronic deadbolt model is available as well. Deadbolts make a great combination with pull handles and are a popular locking solution for many entryways.

Pull bar handles

Contemporary pull bars will complement and enhance your modern style door. We have a full line of this quality door hardware – in different lengths, shapes, finishes, in high grade stainless steel or aluminum materials. These pull handles are truly luxurious and will add excellence and attractiveness to your entrance.


Handlesets offer a timeless locking solution suitable virtually for any door style.They are so versatile and come in various plate shapes and finishes, having either traditional classic or ultra modern appearance. Absolutely any entrance would benefit from Dorex or Emtek handlesets.

Lever handles

Karcher or Dorex levers on round or square rosettes will add a touch of glamour and modernism to your entry door, making daily door operation not only convenient but also aesthetically pleasant. Clean lines, high quality, charm and distinction are attributes of modern lever handles offered by Northview.

Multi-point lock

For those customers who want to benefit from advanced locking technology and add extra security to the door we offer a multi-point locking system.

It consists of 3 deadbolts, and as soon as you shut the door, the upper and the lower latches engage automatically becoming deadbolts and increasing the security. The central 1″ deadbolt engages at the simple turn of the key/knob. With a multi point system the door is always protected from warping since it always stays locked, therefore such lock is especially recommended 8′ high heavy doors.

We know that choosing locking hardware maybe sometimes complicated, that is why we recommend consulting our professional staff who can give you useful advice and individual recommendation  with all the required technical info, so you can make the right choice.



More Information

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