About NorthView Windows and Doors

Where Quality Matters

For over 10 years Northview Windows and Doors has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality windows and doors in the province of Ontario. We have always been committed to providing an exceptional customer service and have chosen “Where Quality Matters” as a motto.

If you are in need of a quality replacement of your old windows, if you are looking to enhance your house entrance, create an all season sunroom or simply change a glass insert – here we are to meet and exceed such home makeover needs. Numerous residential, commercial and several government projects have been fulfilled by our skilled installation crews.

Our doors and windows are manufactured using modern technology and equipment, as well as highest grade materials either produced in Canada or imported from internationally renowned suppliers.

Our doors and windows are made in conformity with the industry’s strictest standards. Teams of our designers and engineers ensure that our products combine both outstanding performance and innovative, authentic design features which give an individual touch to your home.


Northview Windows & Doors is committed to take an exceptional care of your window/door replacement in its every aspect. We know that even if you buy the best windows and doors and they are not installed properly, you have nothing.That is why along with top-of-the-line products we also provide professional installation services, done by experienced installers with a high level of expertise. At Northview we avoid hiring subcontractors and only use the services of our own installation crews who have been working for the company for many years.

With this approach we not only meet, but very often exceed our customers’ expectations because as a reputable company we offer excellence from start to finish which includes remarkable products, professional staff and worry-free installations.