Premium 700 Series – High Density Polyurethane Garage Door

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Our low maintenance, but highly durable 700 series garage door offers homeowners the perfect balance of quality and luxury. Made of heavy, 26-guage galvanized steel embossed with a beautiful wooden grain finish, no longer will you have to sacrifice looks for stability in your home. 

Key features:

  • Using high-quality, industry-grade polyurethane and polyester, all 700 series doors are coated in a seamless, corrosion-resistant protective finish for long-term preservability. 
  • These doors feature a 1 ¾” thick steel base which incorporates tongue-and-groove technology to resist against weather-based problems such as humidity and rain. Not only does this prevent moisture from damaging the door, but also ensures additional safety precautions within its composition for prolonged use.
  • Additionally, the 700 series also use CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation for maximum energy efficiency. With a monumental R-Value calculation of 16.18, homeowners can expect a garage door with 6 times the insulating value of traditional wooden or non-insulated products. 
  • The 700 series can also be decorated in over 20 different colour options and wood grain finishes. Have your choice between bidirectional or unidirectional wood grain styles with 9 different paneling models. 
  • Glass may also be incorporated in your design with over 15 different options for decorative, insulated and non-insulated purposes. Various opacities, tints and textures may be available to your liking.

Overall, our 700 series doors are the best choice for homeowners wanting a product that is highly weather-resistant yet stylish. Our lifetime limited warranties provide you with the security of our guaranteed professional craftsmanship for years to come.



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