Insulated Steel 2000 Series (2” thick)

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Our insulated Steel 2000 series commercial doors offer high R-Value products bound to keep your buildings looking stylish while well insulated. Reinforced with double – end hinges, roll – formed galvanized steel struts and powerful polyurethane insulation, no other doors can guarantee you the energy efficiency and security of our 2000 series products. Compliant with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers’ Association International (DASMA) 102 – 2004, this series is recognized as meeting global standards of safety in the industry. 

  • 2”-Thick CFC-Free Polyurethane
  • 17.66 Calculated R-Value
  • 26-Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Air Infiltration Seal
  • Full Thermal Break
  • Available with Wind Load
  • 21 Color Options
  • 10-Year Rust-Through & Delamination Warranty
  • 1-Year Hardware
  • 1-Year Spring
  • 2” or 3” track

  • Double steel end stiles
  • Exhaust port
  • Cam safety device
  • Spring bumpers 
  • Chain hoist
  • High cycle springs
  • High cycle rollers
  • Glazing (windows)
  • Aluminum full view section
  • Pass door
  • Keyed lock
  • Operator Options Available

Technical information

Unlike typical garage doors, our product features:

  • A three-tier, corrosion-resistant coat to protect them from a variety of climate challenges like wind, rain, or snow. These doors use a full tongue – and – groove thermal break that helps minimize corrosion between door sections to ensure maximum stability in its production. 
  • Our innovative, E-Struct technology has also been tested to surpass traditional wooden or steel doors as well. This design allows our doors to use half as many u-bars and tek screws, making the attachment process easier and more cost efficient in labor expenses.
  • Available in a variety of widths (2”, 3”, 4”. 6”) and finishes, this revolutionary configuration not only provides efficient construction, but high mobility too. 
  • Lined with hardened, 2”/3” track rollers and 10 – ball pre-lubricated bearings, this arrangement provides a 10,000 cycle life at minimum, with 100,000 cycles if additional spring wires are attached. With this, you can guarantee a long-term, well-constructed product ready for decades of use.  
  • Additionally, the 2000 series uses CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation for optimal energy efficiency. Providing one of the highest R-Value insulations available on the market, this lightweight yet powerful construction will save you money and maintenance efforts for years to come. 
  • 2000 series is also eco-friendly, containing 80% recycled steel material – making it the most gorgeous, yet environmentally conscious product in the industry. 

Available in over 12 vibrant colours and 10 wooden grain finishes, our 2000 series can also be tailored to fit your personal design needs! 

We offer custom pass doors and full view sections to maximize light and visibility for your building. Incorporating glass highlights have never been easier as well, with over 15 different looks to choose from. 

Decorative, insulated, and non-insulated varieties of glass panelling may be incorporated in a variety of different finishes, opacities, and fashions to your liking. Additional decorative hardware like handles and hinges may also be included if you wish.


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